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By Baystreeter (anonymous) | Posted February 06, 2008 at 09:36:10

I have no problems with CCTV cameras and have actually read in the paper that they do deter. But let's face it. The downtown is in sore need of help. The report recently done just papers over the real problem, but does allude to the underclass of folks who come out at night. I recently saw Will Smith's movie and gasped at the allusions which could fit my downtown.
This morning's column by Susan Clairmont in the Spec isn't going to help. But as long as those social agencies congregate ALL the clients downtown; and as long as decrepit buildings like the Lister, the church on Main and Bay, the whole block on James near Cannon etc etc are there....the downtown will not improve...and it hurts me to say this. what is needed? dramatic action. NO more reports and talk. No more listening to the well intentioned...action not words.

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