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By Glenn in Waterdown (anonymous) | Posted January 31, 2008 at 09:46:37

You Know every time a politician opens thier mouth in this country there is a 99.9% chance they are not telling the whole story or lying outright.
Amalgamation was done so the city of Hamilton which has coincidentally the highest per capita social service expendature and the Highest Tax rate in the country, could suck the money out of the burbs to fund the cities rediculous overhead.
But I digress...If they say it will cost $18,000,000 to build you know in the end it will cost almost double that that.
So lets be conservative here and estimate on a final cost of $25,000,000 it would have been MUCH cheaper to extend Bus routs with the Huge amount of money the fiberals promised for Transit...much of it promised to Hamilton to improve the fortunes of Hamiltonians ( of course we are only considered Hamiltonians when it comes tax time...forget giving decent services for our money or including us in any improvements ...were wealthy out here in Waterdown, Ancaster, Dundas, Etc what do we need?...sorry i digress again)
between Bus routs both up waterdown road and Highway #6 to parking area's with smaller shuttle busses to collect folks from the town core and deliver them to the bus stops we could not only connect riders to the Go station in burlington but also to the Hamilton centre where we must now go IN CARS!!! to renew licences and Ohip cards etc. it would also allow folks from Hamilton to access the resources and recreation facilities these outlying areas have to offer.
I'm sure Flamborough Downs and Christies perhaps even Gullivers, and Emerald lake would consider running a shuttle service if they had a central point to pick up and drop off at.
setting up these locations would also be the start of what will become a larger infrastructure network as expansion will inevitably continue...Waterdown road could use a turn lane "eventually" but this could be achieved with a small widening on either or both sides where it suits the existing route and home locations.
so with all the benefits to Hamilton and Burlington and thier respective residents with no destruction of the waterdown rd corridore and its residents home values and lifestyles.
Because Hamilton needs to find work for all those overpaid Underworked City employees and the Mob owned and operated paving and excavation companies want the tenders THATS WHY!
not to mention the inevitable Pocket lining that goes along with such mammoth operations.
in short when we think of our future in this region.....BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

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