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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted January 28, 2008 at 10:32:24

Hey CityJoe,

Cultural clusters can be great for the city as a whole and, as I mentioned on my last post I think it is hard to plan for this. As you say, neighbourhoods evolve.

I disagree with your assertion that neighbourhoods will always be one thing or another. Measures such as: - ensuring there is a good range of family housing and a good proportion of high end and affordable housing, and - maintaining a good range of ameneties close to the area will do a lot to ensure the neighbourhood resists the fluctuations imposed on it by economic and societal trends. In Toronto they are looking at mandating a minimum number of affordable units into every condo development. It's measures like these that will bring intergration right into the heart of the neighbourhood (as opposed to the perimiters as you alluded to in your post).

You CAN encourage the creation of healthy mixed neighbourhoods through sensible 'macro' planning measures. Of course this will not create a utopia, there will always be other factors which come into play, but if we stop building massive affordable housing and detached home clusters and start integrating our neighbourhoods a little more we will see the benefits.



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