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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted January 28, 2008 at 03:31:21

Give us time options on the meters, or parking lots where we can pay for the time we parked, not for time we were not parked. (Or better yet, actual bus service that Works 7 days a week to Downtown!)

Nothing spoils a day out like having to run back to your parking meter just because you started to have more Fun than you thought you would. (Nothing except a parking ticket, cuz you got back 5 minutes too late to feed the meter! Exactly how do you get out of your chair at the Dentist's to run out & feed a meter?)

Sorry, not paying for a taxi to get to a bus stop, & then taking 2 or 3 bus' to get to Downtown, esp. in bad weather, then turning around & going through that whole process to get home. When the GHA gets fully functioning bus service on weekends, I'll take the bus & go downtown. Until then, I'll either shop locally, go to Burlington, or Mississauga.

(It ain't like Doon-Toon-Here is 'All That'! Everytime I find a fav. shop, it's closed/vacated the next time I try to visit it! Locke St., is one of the few constants in Downtown commerce. If you want people to pay to shop/visit/enjoy.... you have to have something worth paying for.)

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