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By jason (registered) | Posted January 24, 2008 at 13:55:55

don't get me started on 'shovel-ready land'. that's the biggest crock ever sold to the public in this city. We've had a TON of shovel ready land opened up in recent years. All along the Linc, QEW, 403 extension and now top of Red Hill. And guess what? Virtually all of it was covered in more subdivisions and big box stores. 3 problems: - City Hall can't plan worth a darn. - Even if they do plan well (such as with MIP), the 'leaders and elites' in town suddenly disappear when another box or subdivision proposal comes along. - Businesses haven't wanted to come here, or else we'd have seen some along the 403, Linc or Red Hill.
Until council realizes that downtown is the face of the entire community they can keep building highways till the cows come home, but NO business is going to willingly relocate their firm or employees here due to all of the 'quality of life' issues. This isn't the 1950's. You don't just slap up a bunch of highways to nowhere and have people build along them just because they're there. So much more is involved these days in locating and re-locating business.
Quality of life, transportation, environment, cleanliness, vibrant urban life etc.... are all huge factors keeping businesses away from here. And based on the lack of vision from city hall, the media and 'elites', those same issues will continue to hamper us for decades to come.

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