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By terisfind (registered) | Posted January 24, 2008 at 04:19:28

To Kevin Somers, I came across your artical on RTH, Sept.28,2007 regarding you having seen the movie "Who the @#$ is Jackson Pollock". I am the "feisty old lady",in the movie....Teri Horton. I want you to know how much I enjoyed your article. I commend you for your candid common sense view on the subject matter. You are "right on" in your view of the issues. You are 100% correct, when you said. "When Pollock died, his wife Lee Krasner made him a legend" Krasner, was a shrewd business women, Pollock is what he is today because of her. During my 15 years of research on the Pollock day I decided to try and find what it was that make people so goofy about his work. This is what I found..."People look at his drip paintings, because they want to feel his trauma that he was expressing on the canvas" My thought on this, "My God, don't they have enough trauma in their own life? Why would they want to experience the trauma of some other @#$% Kevin, stay true to your common sense guidance. Cheers, That, "Feisty old lady".... Teri

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