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By BJR (anonymous) | Posted January 24, 2008 at 00:16:37

Nothing is free? What is the value of putting parking meters in? From what I have read, the Hamilton Parking Authority, instead of being a large revenue generator for the city, hardly pays for itself.

So the only value that will come out of this is the meter makers will sell some more units to the city, and the City gets to hire some more parking enforcement officers. Yay!

I usually stop and get a coffee each morning at Locke Street Bakery on my drive in to work (I work in Burlington, live in Durrand area). Why there? Despite the extra inconvenience of having to find on-street parking than using the drive-thru, I'd rather leave $2.10 in the hands of a local independent merchant than those of Second Cup on Brant Street.

Put in the meters, and Second Cup in Burlington gets my money. Sorry Locke Street Bakery, but Hamilton seems to want to make it more and more difficult to support this city.

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