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By LikeHamilton (anonymous) | Posted January 23, 2008 at 11:52:47

Something I wrote in
Sorry I have a problem with the this. A lot of people want tolls on the road so the users pay. Transit riders pay a fare…user pays. So put a meters in and the user pays. So it cost you a buck to park on Locke Street for an hour. You can get a lot done in an hour. I have seen people come out of the antique shops with hundreds of dollars of junk (my feelings). So they pay a dollar or two to park. No they will not go to a mall with free parking if the only place that has what they want is on Locke Street or any other street. It is the destination and what is on the street that draws people there. Locke Street Bakery, Beach Road Meats and Bad Dogs are only on Locke Street. Ottawa Street and Conncession Street is always crowded and they have meters and off street metered parking lots. If it was the cost of parking that drew people to an area, then downtown Hamilton and the other areas like Locke, Westdale, Ottawa Street, Downtown etc would be boomtowns and turning away people and downtown Toronto would be a ghost towns. As to people parking off the main roads for free parking. These are not the fisrt area to have this problem. All they do is have a the streets marked for 2 hour parking and permit only. Allow the home owners to get there permit for free in the general area.
I am like everyone else. I want free roads, free transit, free parking, free ti-cats tickets etc. But life is not free. The only thing we can hope for is that it is reasonable.
And a question. How come the people who live in the richest area with the most expensive stores have free parking (excluding Locke Street)?

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