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By real balance (anonymous) | Posted January 22, 2008 at 19:46:52

I know Maggie, and she is neither "too far left" nor "thin skinned". Tenacious, tough minded and intelligent is more like it, and she has nothing to apologize for, period. Especially not to likes of you, "Bill S" and "balance" (a misnomer if I've ever seen one).

To get to the core of the issue, Freidmanite, never-ending-expansion economics simply doesn't work, not for the environment or any other enterprise the family of man puts it's collective hand to. As THE prime example, these policies have managed to turn the US, once the world's largest ever lender nation, into the world's largest ever debtor nation... in less than a 1/2 century. Just ask China which holds the bulk of that US debt. But no mind, all that formerly collective/public wealth has been funneled into the pockets of the elite 5%, of which D'Aquino is one.

Gee, Bill S and balance, ya think D'Aquino and his wealthy buddies have been holding out on you? If you were multi-millionaires like Mr D., I'm guessing you wouldn't be here arguing how many environmental angels could fit on the top of a corporate pin.

So D'Aquino and his ilk are looking for another "market opportunity" to exploit, now they've got "free trade" and "defense and security" well in hand. Corporations generously dipping into the public trough once more to miraculous fix the environment they purposely destroyed in the first place... who can find fault with that?

Sure there's 1800's pollution and work standards in those "poor" countries. Because the Freidmanite corporations need to be able to appropriate the resources and labour there at the lowest possible cost. Pollution control and human rights cut into profit margins.

Can you say "colonialist robber barons"? Sure, knew ya could.

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