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By Mike Smith (anonymous) | Posted January 22, 2008 at 11:12:15

While I have not seen the primary source in which you are referring to Maggie, it is not unusual for elites to make the argument that a healthy environment is dependent on a healthy economy. As the global economy is slipping into a recession it is in the interests of Mr. D'Aquino to shift the debate from the environment and climate change to economic growth. While a healthy economy is important, the inherent destructive nature of our economy predicated on the idea of infinite growth by destroying the world through invasive resource extraction, production, distribution, and disposal is in essence the cause of our environmental crisis.

The world is not made for humans, nor do we have a god given right to take what ever we want and trash the place. Even if it is for economic "growth", progress, civilization, or any other motive.

These ideas the corporate media never challenges, and I am glad there are spaces like this that these ideas can be discussed.

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