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By ron (anonymous) | Posted January 21, 2008 at 22:15:10

You claim that Ron Paul has no detailed plans for how he would accomplish his goals. This is a curious comment since he is on record stating exactly what he can do with Presidential powers (end the war, bring troops home, restore habeous corpus, reverse previous executive orders, and pardon non-violent drug offenders). Other goals (eliminating entire departments) can only be done with the approval of Congress, but if the American people voted him into office he would have a lot of popular support (and therefore political clout)to get it done.
As to your claim that he has not denounced the two party you ever listen to what he says? He says America likes to talk about spreading democracy, but we don't practice it very well, and that the laws are very unfair to third parties. Pretty good denunciation of the two party system, if you ask me.

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