Comment 17333

By maestro*f (registered) | Posted January 20, 2008 at 08:05:26

The housing industry is a beauty. Hundreds of thousands of homes are quickly built on prime farmland, then practically given away by banks and governments to debt-crippled tenants, and they all call it development.

My biggest fear as regards the recently competed Red Hill Expressway is that, as the light industrial development which this access is supposed to enable isn't built very quickly (witness how easily the Maple Leaf pork plant was scuttled), the city will allow developers to build houses on that land. The tax monies and jobs from industrial employers that were supposed to offset the cost of the highway will never come and we'll have hundreds, maybe thousands, of people commuting to points north and east from a bedroom community. We'll all be stuck with the capital cost and upkeep of a huge project and have had none of the benefits.

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