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By balance (anonymous) | Posted January 18, 2008 at 16:04:15

I'm sorry, Maggie, but you appear to have deliberately distorted d'Aquino's message. The proposition that was debated was, "Should a healthy environment take precedence over a healthy economy?" He argued that both are important (granted, you seem to disagree). He did NOT say that the poor cause environmental damage. He said that in poor countries, environmental protection often takes a back seat to the more pressing need for basic food and shelter. In wealthier societies (meaning industrialized societies), there is typically much more public pressure to protect the environment, tougher environmental laws and more scrutiny of the actions of polluters.

If you disagree with that, one can only conclude that you have never traveled in the developing world. I invite you to breathe the air in Linfen, China, or take a swim in the Ganges River. Unlike you, Maggie, many people the developing world are struggling to make it through the day. I can assure you that, if given the chance, they wouldn't sneer at economic growth as you seem to want to do.

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