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By Help Me (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2008 at 15:41:35

You are putting the blame in the wrong place here. The fault is not Paul's, and for you to expect one person to change everything that is wrong with America overnight is ridiculous. The fault lies squarely with the slumbering American population which has dozed their way into a semi-dictatorship for the past few election cycles.

If you are paying as close attention as you would have your readers believe, you may have noticed that the Primary elections are reporting "record breaking numbers of voters turning out for a primary election".

Americans are awake now and demanding big changes. American citizens must do their part by cleaning out the corrupt House and Senate as well as the corrupt White House. We have a lot to do.

If Bloomberg enters, great. he might have just enough cash to buy his way into one or two debates. Looks as though Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC)is trying to draft Lou Dobbs as a candidate. Wonderful. The more, the merrier.

For once I feel that there is somewhat of a choice rather then the old "lesser of two evils" vote that I have been presented with all of my voting life. Some really good candidates have left the race because they cannot afford to go on. That is something that needs to be changed in the election process.

I am sick of corporate cookie cutter candidates. Have you voted routinely in every election? Were you always happy with the choices presented?

Rather then criticize everyone and everything, get up and go to work to change something. Maybe it will change your perspective.

This petty sniping and whining about everybody and everything is not too productive. Your posting history shows that you are pretty squarely in the Cult of the Anti-Pauls. Fine. We get it. The prominent "Ron Paul" in the title gets you some hits and feeds your ego.

So go to work to help your candidate of choice rather then tearing down others. Boots on the ground are always needed. Your negativity is ruining my joy in seeing people taking part again.

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