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By badmedia (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2008 at 15:03:28

lol, I love the spam tester. 2 thumbs up on it. Bit of a basic IQ tester built in.

But I have to disagree, Ron Paul is the only one who stands for change. Yep, I was pretty much waiting for him, and have been for years. I don't deny that for a second. I don't belong to any cult, but I have been researching things like the constitution and how government has supposed to operate. So when I seen Ron Paul, no doubt it was like a dream come true. Don't deny it, I am excited to have him in the race.

But I'd love to see better options if we could get them. They just aren't there. Doesn't exist. I'd love to vote for the better of 2 goods, instead of the better of evils, but it takes more than 1 good candidate for that to be possible.

No doubt on the democrat side you have it pegged, Dennis and Edwards are the 2 best they have to offer. I disagree with Dennis on healthcare, I think it's better done on local levels. But I love that he understands the constitution enough to see how to do it the right way.

No detailed plans is wrong, he plans to follow the constitution. It's all laid out right there for you to see, and has been for 200 years. The change he wants is that we actually follow it as intended, not with all these big government loop holes that serve special interests. He understands to get the weeds out, you gotta get them at the root. And that root is from not following the constitution.

Article V at this point is a bit dangerous I fear. While I'd love to envision the delegates going over our civil rights and restoring the constitution, considering the 2 party stranglehold you mention I can just as easily see many bad things coming out of it. When people actually understand the constitution, then I'm all for it. As most people see it as a document of limited rights, instead of limited government I just can't be in favor of it.

The 2 party system is actually a 1 party system. Mitt Romney and Rudy are both confessed "liberals" - hijacked word honestly, statist is more accurate. 2 sides of the same coin, both so called parties want control of the issues, they fight for it viciously. But they really only disagree on how to control it, not on who should control it.

As for Bloomberg, I fail to see how electing another CEO of a corporation is going to help break the stranglehold corporations have on this country.

Have a nice day, and btw no need to call or make fun of people over who they support. For someone asking for change, you'd think you'd want to move past that kind of stuff.

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