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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted January 17, 2008 at 09:25:14

If their case is successful at the OMB, and zoning reverts to K, don't expect trinity to follow through with the plan they showed at that meeting because there will be NOTHING stopping them from building this plan:

Also, they are not in the business of doing favours for the community. Their words about a NEED for big box development at that site are only an attempt at justifying their DESIRE for putting one there.

That land has been sitting there for years, waiting to be developed. Where were they with their "brownfield cleanup" and "fulfilling community needs" 5 years ago? Nowhere. Because they want to leech off of the MIP.

The MIP master plan calls for ground floor retail and storefronts. Local retail needs can and will be filled by smaller businesses as long as we keep the zoning intact. As soon as we let the big boxes drop, we can expect close to zero in independent or human scale retail development for the next 20 years or more, possibly forever.

If you think they are putting up a fight now.. how do you think they will react if the city comes in and says "We are bulldozing these stores to make way for more innovation lands"? How many tech companies are even going to consider land that already has retail on it?

Once these lands are used for retail, they will remain retail forever. If the OMB rules in Trinity's favour, we can say goodbye to that innovation land forever.

For those men to stand in front of us and claim to be doing the best for the community and the best for Hamilton is sad, and I really wonder how they can sleep at night.

Maybe somehow they actually believe it??

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