Comment 1723

By A voter (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2006 at 00:46:38

Forget a $15 website. Seriously people? Let's vote on who can get the job done for this city and make it better! I think Fred is the most honest and truly cares about the outcome of this city. My biggest issues for the city is polution and poverty. We are a smog haven with the biggest asthma in children rates around. Fred is the best environmental candidate for sure. What is Hamilton known for? Polution and the horrible display of football called the Ti-cats! I feel he wants to truly make a difference and will work hard at it. That's what I want in a mayor. The nice thing is, if he doesn't do that, we can vote in 4 yrs for someone else. I don't trust Di Ianni, and won't vote for someone I don't trust.

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