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By ventrems (registered) | Posted January 11, 2008 at 11:16:54

I think it is important to recognize Trinity's claim that there is demand for the type of retail being proposed for this area (essentially, like Meadlowlands-type stores but in a more compact environment). It would be nice to have a large shopping area closer to home, as the bus trip to Meadowlands is not fun, nor is getting around once you're up there.

However, the KEY issue here is that these lands are special. They are fairly large and in close proximity to McMaster and the MIP, and are ripe for development. It would be a shame to waste this type of land on retail space that can arguably be placed anywhere (there are numerous buildings downtown that would love new tenants). We cannot waste an opportunity to take full advantage of the potential for a site such as this, because future government, academic, or biotech labs will not arbitrarily decide to take up residence in the middle of downtown.

To address the claim that Trinity's development will be pedestrian friendly, I truly beg to differ. Last I checked, Main St is one way West->East, so potential shoppers (if coming from downtown) would have to grab a bus from King Street, or use the 6-Aberdeen (which runs hourly after 6pm). Neither of these transit options are ideal, so unless shoppers would be willing to walk to the shopping centre, most trips will be by car.

Finally, I'll echo the numerous people who brought this up last night. This area is unique in its potential to create high-paying, long-term job opportunities; jobs Hamilton's future depends on. We must realize that potential.

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