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By statius (registered) | Posted January 10, 2008 at 11:34:02


I couldn't agree more. The fact that ideological bias exists in the major media is indisputable. In fact, it is to be expected, and to some extent cannot even be considered a violation of journalistic ethics (you only have to educate yourself very slightly as a news consumer to detect this). This is quite different from a news organization catering its editorial stance to suit the needs of its major advertisers (such accusations are often made, but these do tend to originate from paranoid fringe perspectives).

As for alternative media, their ideological biases are almost invariably more blatant than those of the major media (often intentionally so, seeing as how they tend to cater to niche markets). The concern with so many of these outlets is is that their ideological predispositions, because so shameless, have a tendency to undermine the integrity of their analysis ...

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