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By jason (registered) | Posted January 09, 2008 at 22:38:11

Baystreeter.... the Spectator is NOT right. In fact, they are scraping the surface of one of their lowest points ever. Some of the trashiest, untrue articles I've ever read have been published this week. They kiss LIUNA's rear-end trying to make them sound like such marvelous folks who have done everything right. And city hall is the bad guy. Yea, city hall bent over backwards for these guys - agreed to the most expensive lease in Hamilton history. Fought for an extra $7 mil from the province. And then LIUNA goes and pulls this unethical move. After all the so-called good faith and hard negotiating work they pull this off. I'm glad I cancelled my Spec subscription last month and don't have to stare at this crap on my front porch. I can log on later in the day once I build up the nerve to see their latest stab at 'journalism'. Builders/Developers are their largest advertisers. Sadly, they allow that to take precedent over reporting factual news.

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