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By statius (registered) | Posted January 09, 2008 at 17:22:28


You write: "You constantly criticize LIUNA for being "greedy" and letting the Lister rot, so your solution is to reward them for this behaviour!"

While your frustration at the sorry state of affairs is of course understandable, the problem is that there may be very little that the city can short of paying LIUNA what it wants. Consider that LIUNA is a major North American union of some 700 000 members with considerable financial and political clout. It certainly has the purse to hold onto the Lister until it gets the price that it wants, or alternately, to fight off or at least severely delay any attempts to compel it to put the property to good use by way of protracted litigation. This is why I think it might be in our best interests if the community were to accept the disappointment for the time being and focus its collective efforts at core renewal elsewhere. Of course, the natural response to this latter proposition is the fact that there are currently no comparable properties existing downtown, but that is a debate I don't wish to touch upon right now ...

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