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By jason (registered) | Posted October 23, 2006 at 14:54:54

I am completely stunned that anyone has been voted back in over and over in Ward 3. Shows how much vision the citizens have for their own neighbourhoods. King East through Ward 3 and Barton St, through Ward 3 are hands down the most depressed corridors in our entire city. And BOTH OF THEM ARE IN WARD 3. Literally a 5-10 minute walk from each other. James North has sprung back to life, King East in the downtown is turning around nicely, King West/Hess is great, Locke South has rebounded over the past decade, Ottawa North has also turned a corner in the past 5 years, yet King and Barton through this stretch still look like a bomb went off. Nobody is fighting for investment in this community. Nobody is fighting to stop the practice of taking tax dollars from these areas to subsidize sprawl. Nobody is fighting for a firm urban boundary and halt to big box sprawl that is keeping the developers and business people happily building in the boonies with no need to invest or pay attention to urban streets like these. King and Barton should be Hamilton's 'Queen or Spadina'. But it'll never happen until the citizens get off their duffs and vote for a politician who will be a fighter for their neighbourhoods. All citizens are equal, yet it is clear to me that folks living in Ward 3 have been given a much lower standard to aim for than other areas in Hamilton. That is quite sad.

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