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By kevin (registered) | Posted January 08, 2008 at 00:17:22

"Praise makes me humble, but when I'm abused I know I have touched the stars." Oscar Wilde

hey statius:

We disagree on many fronts. You, obviously, think quality writing requires one to be pedantic, pretentious, and pompous.

I don't. I think it's childish. (I also think one writes as one thinks.)

You feel that corruption, ineptitude, and graft by public officials is acceptable. I don't. I find it reprehensible.

You think my work sucks. Right back at you, big shooter. Your writing sucks. Big time!

Since you ASSume a lot about me, I'll ASSume some things about you. I ASSume you are one of the fortunate few who profit from Canada's inequitable taxation and distribution system. Good for you (GFY).

Since, after reading my "work," you've still ASSumed I've applied for government grants, (you've just vilified me for vilifying the process,)I ASSume you to be irretrievability dim, despite the big words.

Another thing, windy, Canada is still a free country. I'm free to write, Ryan is free to publish, and you're free to read, or not. If you hate my "work" so much, why do you read it and obsess over it? You don't have to.

Since you have yet to figure this out yet, I Assume that you're not nearly as intelligent as you'd like to be, or dream of being.

I don't listen to the CBC, read MacLean's, or watch Dr. Phil. Since my "work" upsets you so much, don't read it, genius. What's wrong with you?

Finally, your calls for having me excluded from the RTH lineup (censorship), lead me to ASSume you are really just another conservative reptile prancing around as a limosine liberal ninny to fit in better at the trough.

See you in Hell.


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