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By Sean Gibson (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2006 at 22:58:30

This is a message form Sean Gibson; I’m running against the incumbent in ward 3. To all residents in ward 3, this is exactly why I have decided to run for this position. Among several non applicable issues, the incumbent has focused on crime (tougher "laws and sentences”) environment (catalytic converters in vehicles). However I think the important and difficult ward 3 issues were again neglected by the incumbent! Pollution is a major problem in our ward but poverty and homelessness currently hold precedence. “Garden plants; vegetable gardens; fruit trees” in ward 3 would definitely help the façade of our neighbourhood, but unless those fruit gardens and fruit trees can feed the 40,000 plus residents I think he should reprioritize that list. Look around your community; not just on your block or in your neighbourhood look around the entire ward. Residents, our ward extends from Wellington to Ottawa, from the base of the mountain to the water. If you are happy with the state and condition of the entire area DO NOT vote for me as your next City Councillor. I am not pleased with the state of the neighbourhood and with your help I aim to CHANGE IT!

Your Future City Councillor
Sean Gibson

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