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By statius (registered) | Posted December 30, 2007 at 23:25:22

Presumably Mr. Somers has been frustrated in prior attempts to obtain government support for his "work." If this is the sort of doggerel he has tried to pass off as poetry, I am not at all surprised, and indeed commend the selectivity of our arts council bureaucrats.

What can I say but that the publication of this opinion piece lowers the credibility of RTH as a whole. This uninformed, unsophisticated, and frankly puerile drivel does not belong on a site which hopes to effect meaningful, and presumably responsible, change on the city out there.

The debate about public funding for the arts, and for for-profit cultural institutions like Macleans, is such a tired one, having been rehashed so many times before ... but Mr. Somers apparently has no appreciation for this fact, nor of the complex reasons which justify state funding regimes ... nor apparently for the work of our downtrodden civil service. The article evinces a complete lack of research and care. It contributes absolutely nothing to the debate.

RTH needs to be more selective, just like the bureacrats Mr. Somers lambastes above. This site has earned a great deal of respect both amongst politicians and community members in the real world; it would be a shame to squander it for the sake of rubbish like this.

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