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By trey (registered) | Posted December 28, 2007 at 09:29:14

Well said ancastertoo, and surprisingly positive coming from someone with that handle. I'm happy to hear about your new years resolution. RTH was born from similar circumstances that you're talking about. Personally for me I/Hamilton has 15-20 years before it turns itself around and then my children will be leaving this city too. Sorry to hear that has happened to you and it's a story that is too common for Hamilton. We're losing an entire generation and missing out on the longest period of economic growth since WW2.

You mention Burlington and Mississauga growth, some of that has to do with pure geography and dumb luck, their growth is unsustainable and those suburbs will crash hard when their entire cities have to be rebuilt over 10 years without having the same sprawl/build model in place that the Places To Act legislates. But you're right that Hamilton has missed a large portion of the GTA growth. And them some of GTA builders come looking to build in Hamilton better developments (like the Scenic proposal) then we've been getting from the Meadowlands and Summit Park sprawl and people complain about it. Then they later say that Hamilton is rusting out and lacks any outside investment. Well folks Stinson and the Scenic Developers are the people that we need to get things going in the Hammer. Proper infill, density, downtown, walkable neighbourhood focus, the things missing from the faceless sprawl between Hamilton and Toronto. The future is not the status quo, but the future is to change or die.

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