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By ancastertoo (anonymous) | Posted December 28, 2007 at 02:18:51

Appears some folks will take pot-shots at anything that doesn't fit the "OLD " Hamilton mold. Stinson is not bankrupt but in bankrupcty protection. Seems the Reichmans and Trump and many other companies have taken the same route while they reorganize ( even some steel companies have done the same ). And to LiveD, who are these dreamers you refer to ?? The ""Doers"" and politicos are NOT creating opportunities.
We really have to get POSITIVE about ourselves.. Hamilton IS a great place but for some reason WE tend to revert to the "those outsiders aren't good enough for us " syndrome.
Look what's happening in the Golden Horseshoe insofar as growth ,jobs, housing intensification, transportation... it's happening all around us.Mississauga has tripled in twenty years as has Burlington and Oakville Maybe the key point is "all around us"
The sooner we get on the bandwagon , the better.If any of you want some good bedtime reading, try the new provincial Smart growth or Places to grow documents. The Province has targeted Hamilton for help as the Province / golden horseshoe absorbs some 150 / 200,000 new residents per year. We need to get our share of that housing, urban renewal and the jobs and economic benefits that go with it.
As an aside, I was over to a Christmas party on the west Mountain ( Scenic Drive )and I see the locals have vandalized the City's/ developer information proposal sign. Here is another out of town builder we are giving the Royal Hamilton welcome too. Maybe he is a dreamer, too.
Sorry to get emotional, but after nearly forty years in the Hamilton area,I am tired of being one of the silent majority who does nothing but complain.
One of my New Year resolutions,,, get involved and speak my mind.. Hey, maybe my 3 kids will want to come back here to live and work instead of those communities east of us.

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