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By Lister lover (anonymous) | Posted October 20, 2006 at 10:45:57

What will happen to the Right House? The Right House won't be able to suffer the loss of its largest tenant, its arcade/mall is already vacant except for the Tim Hortons, which by the way is far too busy. Folks try getting your coffee at Pam's next block over in Jackson or Infusions across Gore.

Great article, nice to see photos of the Lister mall that don't show the decay. I wish I could've experienced the building back then.

It is indeed strange that a structural report is a complete opposite of the Liuna/Hi-Rise report from a few months prior. It demonstrates what they really want to do.

This deal stinks. Its time for the city to get serious about property standards enforcement as well as new building standards with an Architectural Review Board. Windowless, stucco shitboxes like the new motel on Market street would've never been approved.

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