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By Kate (anonymous) | Posted December 20, 2007 at 11:01:56

I think the point about land choice being only for the wealthy is a good one, and to continue on a similar thread, one thing I think is that people are not content with what they have. I grew up on a farm, in a small town, and I remember there were (and still are) some houses in the area that were only occupied in the summer, then their (fairly wealthy) residents would go back to their "winter house". This needs to stop. You don't need more than one house, and people need to stop and think "do I really need to build this house in *insert place here* when I already have a house in *insert place here*? If you really wish to live elsewhere during the more brutal seasons (winter in Northern Canada for example) rent. If we all worked together, it wouldn't be that expensive. We need to stop building more than we need.

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