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By Jon Dalton (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2007 at 11:09:23

A question we should also be asking is does this investment into a new highway improve the image of the city? Beyond its basic function of transporting people, does it affect the way outsiders percieve us? I believe we must accomplish that in order to see a true return in terms of business investing in the city. If it's just a catalyst for more lowest common denominator retail and housing development, of the same variety that is being built everywhere in the country, can we really call it progress? Hamilton does not need simply population growth. We need to be seen as some place with something going for us, something that sets us apart or at least puts us on the same level as our neighbours in southern Ontario. At the very least, some viable industry besides steel. The impression we are giving is that we can at best replicate what every other city is doing, but only in a half assed effort.

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