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By futurelook (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2007 at 18:56:49

WOW.. exposed nerve endings.. well , folks, I guess a lot of people "like" Red Hill because a lot are certainly using it !! BUT that could be just an emotional thing or is it "facts" we are still married to our autos ?: OH YEAH ! Start working on better public transit / reduce the sprawl / intensify. Has our city council bought in yet?I'm willing to try but give me a better way to transport myself in under two hours to work (each way transit) Maybe we will get off the R Hill. Case in point: my aunt lives on the Mtn. near the old Sanitorium hospital browland complex. She tells me some new guy from out of town wants to build a mid-rise condo site and those big lot owners on Scenic have gone nuts. Anti-condo lawn signs. None of those fancy condos for us/ they just love having the bus route there run empty all the time.And just about all of them have 2 and 3 some 4 cars in their huge driveways.Go figure. . Great bus service, by the way ..Aunt B.never has a problem getting a seat. , maybe , just maybe, bundle the kids up and take the bus to visit her next week.As santa says ho ho ho .

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