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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted None at

Indeed to all the above. There is a (somewhat limiting) similarity to the contributions to this site. This arises from a common sense analysis of Hamilton's problems. I would not recognize most RTH writers on the street - would that be the opposite of the old boy's club? History tells us that when people arrive at the same conclusions from very disparate backgrounds, you are getting close to truth. City hall is dominated by unimaginitive types who cannot help but see life through the economic prism. That is why the solutions they propose are same old regurgitations of the ones that got us in this mess. But ignorance is not culpable. Contrast that to the mainstream media - creating ridiculously negative spin out of anything that threatens their topdown powermonger control of self interested, unimaginative, antidemocratic politics-and they are very much guilty of causing the negativity that pervades Hamilton. Reasonable leaders and media are not afraid of open and complete discussion on any topic.

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