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right on the money Ben...except one thing - the 'free press' is certainly not the spec or CH. They are as free as their advertisers allow them to be, which as we can all see, isn't very much at all. They do an amazing job at spinning hard working, caring citizens as 'special interest, wacko' groups. The fact is, we are affiliated with nobody and get paid by noone. The special interest wacko groups are the ones who buy their favourite candidates each election and continue their attempt at hijacking democracy. To make matters worse, they advertise like crazy in the local media and therefore 'buy' that voice as well. Watch who the Spec supporst in the upcoming election. Then, check out the ads in the GO Section every Saturday. Independent citizen groups and media are the only true non-partisan voices in our city. If we have any 'agenda' or 'motives' it is simply to make Hamilton an amazing place to live. Too bad that same agenda doesn't run the decisions at city hall.

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