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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2007 at 11:27:52

Ryan, your trying to be too cute by a child caught in the cookie jar with crumbs on his mouth jar blatently denying he "did it"

August, 2002: Iranian exiles say that Tehran has built a vast uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and a heavy water plant at Arak without informing the United Nations.

December, 2002: The existence of the sites is confirmed by satellite photographs shown on U.S. television. The United States accuses Tehran of "across-the-board pursuit of weapons of mass destruction." Iran agrees to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

June, 2003: IAEA director Mohamed ElBaradei accuses Iran of not revealing the extent of its nuclear work and urges leaders to sign up for more intrusive inspections.

ad nauseaum.. til today... now Al Baradi says they are not building weaopons.Obviously the West does not beleive it, and those that do have vital interests in Iran.suprise.

They certainly are not doing anything wrong.Until they are caught then they claim foul and buy time to get to where they need to be in the program.The UN is the perfect vehicle for this.Fiddling time away with endless unenforcable decrees.It really says something about why the US has to attack countries to protect itself when the UN was supposed to act as one and defuse these issues.And before you go on about the inevitable "Iraq and no WMD",If the UN had enforced its own sanctions and inspections in the early 90s there would have been no question of yes or no.Saddam was guilty of the biggest bluff gone wrong in history.

Does anyone have "evidence" they are building Nuclear- Weapons? No.No evidence can be found or will be because the "weaponization" is a by product of the final phase of enrichment.You can go on forever denying hostile aims while proceeding with" Nuclear Power".Pakistan did it with CANDU reactors from the Trudeau era.Peacful Nuclear energy.right.

Does the world have evidence they have been secretly enriching Uranian for years against IAEA regulations that once finished can be put into a Weapon?.Yes.

Have The Iranian leaders not threatened Israel, the West and its neighbors in the past.Yes.

Does it use inflammatory Koran inspired apocalyptical language indicating it will destroy its enemies?.Yes.

Is it UNREASONABLE to think they might want a Nuclear Weaopn.No.

Have they stated thier desire to be a Nuclear Power Yes.

IF amadinnerjacket was in the docket under cross examination this would be a slam dunk.

What part of common deduction here blinds people so much that in order to hate Bush effectivly, you must believe absolute fantasy from leaders such as Iran?

I think the anti Bush haters have a real Stockholm Syndrome with anyone who hates Bush.

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