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By Frank (registered) | Posted November 22, 2007 at 12:31:10

Valleyman, the time for study will be once the RHCE is completed. Building something under the impression that it will help and then not actually finding out if it does is irresponsible. If it doesn't, then other municipalities can use this as an example. You're crying over spilled milk. Lick it up, move on! I've used the RHCE and even tho it cuts 5 mins off my trip, I get to travel at a steady speed rather than starting and stopping (higher emission output). Since you're so against it, you should be forbidden from using it as a matter of principle.

What real plans are you talking about? Do you have any? Or are u just yapping? Forbid what? Building another highway? It's not necessary, all the ring roads are completed.

As many of you know, until all the ramps are completed down by the QEW, it won't actually reach it's full potential. I've noticed a drastic drop in traffic on Highway 20 already during rush hours. It's great. What would actually be really interesting is to have an average daily vehicle count on the 403 and highway 20 prior to the RHCE being built and compare that to an average daily vehicle count on the RHCE, 20 and the 403 to see if vehicle trips have increased significantly.

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