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By Frank (registered) | Posted November 22, 2007 at 12:19:11

Ryan, I meant corporate buy-in here would be difficult to get... It's hard enough to get companies to invest in scrubbers let alone more expensive methods.

Sean, I have no idea. I looked up the study and read it rather quickly. I'll look at it in more detail later and post an answer on here. Remember though that rail line maintenance is much more expensive, much more time consuming, no rail traffic can use the line while the maintenance is being performed. I'm talking mostly about impact to the environment since the entry is about green legislation, not necessarily cost of operation.
Ships and trains use heavier, less refined fuel oil which is why they produce more HC, NOx SO2 and PM. Some ships use a lighter machine oil mixture while in port but when steaming thru oceans and lakes they go back to the heavy stuff.

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