Comment 13935

By Kyleaxe (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2007 at 15:20:51

Turtle island Canada merci.... Any vote for a mainstream party is a vote for Slavery inc. (mothergod have mercy on us all)
But why not a vote for the green party or a New democratic party? Probably useless.... THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STAND AND DEMAND REFORM. Show them the definition of silent protest and open defiance. Politics in Canada are different, talk of the Economic union and the abolishment of the senate. And they make it sound so common place, a total intergration of North america. Most people don't even know about the NAU or SPP. Get informed! Question everything! Not just 9/11, not just the two tier political system, WW2, WW1. Most of all question your SELF. World views gone askew. Love is the answer. Don't beleive the dogma or the hype! Dogma is anything that is a unquestioned and thouroughly accepted belief. don't fear the rapture!!!!! HA

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