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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted November 09, 2007 at 18:54:26

As it is Friday,and I am very tired I will cut and paste my "run in" with the local Steel Stasi on my photo tour 2 weeks ago.

Eriely similar.
From Hammerboard..

Ok this was a new one for me.

Taking travel diary pictures of industrial areas along Burlington street while on my bike. I stop on the side walk of a well known steel company that rhymes with... Brafasco...

I am getting shots of the Burligton overpass ( with Corporate HQ in the background and the expressway.)In order to get a good shot I turn my bike around and inadvertantly I go 2 feet onto grass on Mordor.I notice an overly eager security rent a cop fire up his dirty red paddy wagon /pickup across the street ..watching me closely all the time I am blatently photographing his employers "turf" from the sidewalk.Perhaps the message had made its way along Burlington that a ner do well is gathering photos and its time to shut him down

He then drives over to me, motions for me that he obviously has a bone to pick, gets out of his truck and tells me I have to erase all my photos I have taken.I then tell him in disbelief to well .. fuck off....I am not deleting anything.What for I ask?

ApparantlyI was "trespassing" on the 2 feet of grass while taking those photos of the front lawn.Wants my name and address( ID).I say call the cops and I will give it to them.Trespassing 2 feet on the grass with no signs around or fence.It was not like I climbed over a barrier to get the photos.I guess he didnt like the fact I took a picture of the lawn where the orcs are made.

Soon calls for "reinforcments" all the while wearing his "Xtreme" sunglasses al la Texas holdem .His portly sidekick arrives for more intimidation and want my photos and ID before they let me go.They block me from leaving while on the sidewalk saying they have the right to detain me unless i show them ID as they are peace officers.

I say call the cops again. Not wanting to make too much of an incident while waing for the polis,I wait it out while munching on a candy bar and taking more and more photos to wind them up even more. After about 15 mins of waiting I keep taking pics right in front of them and then ask them to either get me a coat as it is cold or let me go. They again tell me to give them ID and I can leave. I refuse and try to leave. Both of these muppets block me from leaving and one grabs my shoulder as I try to push past and the other fat bastard shoves me.I turn on my camera video and tell them to let me go or I will charge with assualt and forcible confinment.I Get some of the confrontation on tape.Took his picture too while I was waiting and he tries to grab my cell phone camera.

After much tussling and shoving the police arrive and I give them ID and explain the situation.They never did charge me and looked annoyed but I wonder if I did not start filming would they have fined me or worse before the police arrived. All this right of the fucking sidewalk.What a load of bullshit. Telling me they can take my film.I refuse then they let that go as long as I give them my personal info.I am glad I called the police and gave it to them.What a collosal waste of police time.

What gives these guys the right to determine if I am tresspassing on private property( which is more likely city property as it is 2-3 feet from sidewalk).It almost came to blows.


I was going to press charges but we left it as a misunderstanding.better things to do.More like a bored overly eager security guard who got it wrong and couldnt back out of his situation.They give me a verbal warning of tresspass and indicate they could have taken my film if they wanted to.

Right ..Just try it next time fat ass.

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