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By giygas73 (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2007 at 15:18:02

I dont understand why anyone would want to close mt albion. my arguments:

-if mt albion is closed, people who live in paramount area will have to take the highway just to get up the mtn if they are coming from greenhill area
-if mt albion is closed, busses (ie the parkdale) will either have to pick a new route, or go up the highway, and if it has to go up the highway, there will not be sufficient amount of stops for people going up the mtn from greenhill area
-seniors cant drive on a 90km highway just to go up the mtn, think about it
-school busses (enough said)
-if the highway is cram-jammed how is anyone going to get to paramount from greenhill
-the road is already open, why close it
-bruce trail already exists, trail going up and down the mtn already exists, mt albion falls is already linked to other parts of the mtn through bruce trail
-the top of mt albion is brand new road, now were going to SPEND TAX MONEY to rip it all down, and then make a bike path, when a bike path already exists

all of these reasons lead me to the conclusion that it should not be closed.

just stating my opinion. oh and btw, can anyone tell me 100% if it is closing or staying open. please send me an e-mail at

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