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By Cal DiFalco (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2007 at 14:06:15

First, I applaud the Mayor for thinking outside the box and considering pedestrian malls. The importance, in my view, is not so much the actual solution he is proposing, but the signal that he recognizes the importance of the core and that it must be people friendly and environmentally friendly.

I am a Transformation Director by trade. What I do is help large organizations transform from one state a being, to another desired state. Transformation is not about tweaking; it's about wholesale change.

The key to successful transformation is leadership, alignment and staging. Too often, people have good ideas but lack the alignment necessary to bring them to fruition. Other times, leadership is there, alignment is in a ready state, but the translation from vision to implementation is left to chance.

This is where you need someone who is skilled in carving out the engines of transformation; the core levers that get us to where we want to go. Then carefully staging plans and executing them to incrementally get us there. Along the way, recognizing resistance and mitigating it.

Until we have decomposed our vision into tangible interventions with accountable bodies, we are just spinning.

Is it difficult in an environment where councillors have a dual responsibility to their constituents and to the city as a whole? Yes. Is it doable? That depends on leadership and know how.

But can it be done. Absolutely! How do I know? That's what I do for a living.


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