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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 23, 2007 at 10:50:34

Peter, There's a business park at the top of the RCHE. I'd assume those are the jobs that are supposed to be generated. But I believe that the issue is the number of ppl who live in Hamilton and work in TO and surrounding areas. Also...highwater...the Linc also has a huge footprint that in actual fact should be bigger but had to be made smaller. The size of the footprint is related to the expected speeds on the highway as well as other geographic considerations. It cuts through a mountain and in order for it to be useful to those wonderful 18 wheelers, a maximum grade of 6% is usually used meaning that part of the footprint has to be wider to accomodate proper sideslope grades. The rest of the width issue is mostly related to the realignment of the creek. There's also a bit of space between the two directions meaning it's not 4 lanes separated by a concrete barrier which is just plain ugly. The footprint, aside from the lanes themselves will revegetate as well. As for oil prices, unless we somehow manage to come up with a way to teleport goods to stores and people to and from their workplaces (Woohoo Stargate SG-1!!) as well as instantaneously develop an economically feasible, fully functional transit network, people will continue to drive and inflation will just go up and up until a recession hits...

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