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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2007 at 10:21:09

I have mixed feelings on this.I would love to see more public open spaces like Sparks street, but the "people" also define a city.That picture of Sparks street must have been taken at lunchtime.

Driving down King at the city centre near the epitaphs what I see is a collection of farily imnnocent looking loiterers drinking tim hortons with not much to do, to groups of twentysomething unemployed types exchanging money for something in broad daylight.

Being new here I am trying to keep optimistist in the "If you build it they will come" mentality.. but WHO will come?In a high income area/ city like Ottawa sparks street it will attract money and commerce and families for a nice day out to while away some time.In areas that have "challenges" after dark it could become a clearing house for drug dealers down and outers Homeless and more nefarious types.( Note:I have nothing against the homeless and in fact,it is good that they are in our faces to let us all know they are there and exist and are human beings.)We have to be careful how/ where they are designed and what the outcomes will be.

Recently I was at the Toronto Armoury area which is a public space.OMG.Accosted twice for money,yelled at for not giving money,aksed to beat up someone who stole the persons money.all this within the hour

Perhaps the two issues such as more Public spaces and social issues should be handled separatly, but sometimes we create one good thing and create another bad thing.If the public space was public but had some sort of security I would mot mind as much.

A Good example of the reverse is Zurichs "needle" park.Once a well known public park that turned into a shooting gallery in the 90s has been taken back by Families to be a real open space park

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