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By peter (anonymous) | Posted October 22, 2007 at 11:29:46

any of you expressway proponents notice the price of oil these days? it's rapidly approaching $100/barrel. driving, if not already so, will become a great luxury just as it once was. i believe this expressway will prove to be one of the last great financial blunders of the car age. with peak oil road congestion will take care of itself! people won't be able to afford to drive. the red hill expressway was a personal gift from city hall to the construction and home building industry. that's the bottom line here. it was a gift, one that will screw us six ways from sunday.

oh ya, there was reference to this highway serving employment outside the city. anyone care to enlighten me as to what employers they might be referring to? fortinos? wal-mart? i'm confused because i don't see anything up there. take your heads outta the sand and wake up. the world is changing and we're not changing with it. we're stuck in 1950 and it'll be our funeral.

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