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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 22, 2007 at 08:29:24

Aaaaah lots of reading after a weekend :) Rusty, the RHCE isn't that big. It's 2 lanes each direction, the same as Centennial save for the viaduct which is 3. The reason it might look big is because it's a highway, therefore it has wider lanes than 20. Also, the interchanges at main roads make it look big and of course the ROW is wider than on a regular road.

As far as building the road or not building it... I do believe it was necessary for many of the points I've already posted but I don't think it's THE solution. I forget who it was who said I was being schizophrenic by supporting the RHCE and LRT but I'm not. I believe that a broadbased attack at transportation and transit issues must go hand in hand in order for it to be successful.

For a short time, car usage will increase. After that it will most likely level off and hopefully decrease. I don't believe that building the RHCE increases car use especially since nothing around it has really changed. I believe that if, in the future, monies get spend on things like adding bike lanes (relatively inexpensive) improving road cross sections to have boulevards and sidewalks with trees and other greenery and even something as simple as making the driving lanes narrower will both slow down traffic and cause other modes of transportation to be more viable.

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