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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2007 at 13:06:01

"If they'd taken a fraction of the money spent on RHCE and rolled it into transit, it would be a much more efficient decongestant."

I doubt it. The majority of Traffic at peak time ( idling stuck going nowhere using fuel and choking the city)are cars pouring back and forth thru the city,.. are going somewhere to work to get on the 403 ( outside of Hamilton to Toronto or KW )or towards the Niagara peninsula (to the QEW.)

Although more transit is good for local users,it does not solve the fact that a huge amount of business and industry is outside HAmilton .Commuters who need cars to get there is a regional issue for the Ontario Government and the GTA and Hamilton..not Hamilton specifically.I see a lot of Transit in Hamilton.What I dont see is a lot of ways to get cars in and out of Hamilton efficiently and without harming the environment with useless idling on King/Main.

PReventing the RHCE to prevent growth in the GTA is like pushing a rope.Better to manage growth while repecting the environment than to wish for a panacea.

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