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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 15:56:38

McMansion? Does if have the golden arches over the driveway? haha! Anyway, to address your comment... even if that was the case many businesses and younger people can no longer afford to buy or live in Boston and as such have to move elsewhere. I don't want that to happen here - where only the elite and those making six figure incomes can afford to live anywhere near the core. It makes no difference to me how great a city looks, if it's outrageously expensive to live there, I don't want my Hamilton to turn into Boston. We're a city where our average incomes are 3 to 4 thousand dollars less than the provincial average. We can do much better than we are right now, but we should probably use a comparable city. As it stands, the average incomes in Boston are 76,814 and 55306 for males and females respectively. In Hamilton, we're at 49267 and 34701 for males and females. The demographic map for Boston shows that those making close to the average salaries live 10-20 miles from the city centre. (unless I don't know how to read it since I've never seen anything like it before). From my perspective I want the city to be the best, but not to the point where it costs incredibly large amounts of money to live downtown.

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