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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 19, 2007 at 14:58:38

Sorry about the double post...

Great points highwater. I always find it interesting when I'm watching those House buying shows (my wife makes me watch them...)

You always get the folks on that English show standing in the front room or the garden listening to the traffic noises outside and frowning. We all seem to want roads (well, most of the 'we' being non-RTH readers anyway) and yet non of us want to live next to them. Train stations and subways however are huge draws!

So my question is - who really wants roads?!

  1. Folks who have to have them because there's no other way of getting around and
  2. Certain businesses who have to have them because there's no other way to truck their goods and supplies around.

Apart from these drivers Frank says 'like' to drive, it seems to me that most of us really don't want roads!

As for TO yes, I agree. Apparently the town was supposed to go into a massive decline after the Spadina expressway was blocked but curiously that hasn't happened. We have to get away from this more roads = less congestion = more growth mindset.

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