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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 14:27:16

Rusty... possibly. Except that erosion was a huge consideration from top to bottom. The creek itself had way to much sediment in it. With the RHC redesign it now minimizes erosion, provides a fish habitat and just plain looks nicer. Also, all that work would've ruined Peter's precious trees. Now we have a road, and whether you agree with it's construction or not, it will definately ease congestion on 20. As far as the wrecking ball along highway 20... I'd love it. There's an old "gentlemens'" club that could use some demolition and some major improvements including boulevards, vegetated islands and nicer buildings. Other than that club there are only a few buildings that are close to road that are completely ugly. The mall will crabby's in it could use some landscaping in and better entrances. and how the heck does that fast eddies stay in business??? The garages and such on the east side by queenston could also use a facelift. There are two unused lots that I can think of... why aren't they being developed into some nice apartments?

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