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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 12:45:13

There's no low density housing on Lower Centennial which is where the issue is... The big box crap will be as accessible to commuters from the RHCE as from Centennial. Even currently the stretch from Mud to Rymal is basically deserted.

Centennial right now carries far to many trips from the QEW to Ancaster... Those, along with truck traffic need to be eliminated. I don't share Jon's pessimism because with the right steps, the Centennial corridor can be made much nicer. It's up to us to choose a gov't that makes those choices and to come out loud and clear when they don't. Also, Jon, I'd expect that everyone who honks also would complain about personal freedom being taken away if they had to use public transportation. Of course, if the options are, sit in traffic or honk at a car free's something to do. And when anyones stuck in traffic of course they'll want to be anywhere else. It's just that if they were made to do so, they wouldn't appreciate it.

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