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By grok (registered) | Posted June 25, 2020 at 14:19:51

Term after term, the same lot continues to get re-elected to #HamOnt City Council. How many of these sh!#$ simply have to go, for there to be any actual PROGRESS -- as in 'progressive' -- in The Hammer..?? Where are the reformists whose job that would have been: to organize the election of upstart, 'insurgent' popular candidates, to replace these parliamentary cretins..? Why has there never been any truly popular Movement in Hamilton to unseat all these incumbents, all these decades..??

In any case -- I vote for REVOLUTIONARY change, in place of this obvious utter failure. AFAIC, not even 'taking' City Hall will lead to any middle-class 'insurgents' fomenting meaningful, lasting change. They've demonstrated that to-the-hilt, these past FOUR DECADES of Neoliberal capitalist degeneracy.

An utter waste of time and energy (of some. Not others).

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